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MPEG Generators

  • Simulation of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Transmission
  • Integrated IPTV and Video Over IP Parametric Stream Generation with Support for IPv6
  • Migration from RF to IP interface technology
  • Hybrid STB testing with time stamped transport streams
  • ISDB-T & ISDB-TB consumer receiver design, manufacturing test and professional equipment evaluation
  • Performance verification of ISDB-T & ISDB-TB systems
  • Performance verification of MPEG systems
  Transport Streams, IPTV Stress Test, Video over IP Stress Test, PCR Jitter Insertion ISDB-Tb RF, Video over IP Stress Test, Transport Streams Yes
  - - -
  Color Hierarchical Display, Real-time Transport Streams (optional), Deferred-time Transport Streams (optional), ES (optional), PES (optional), Buffer (optional), Carousel (optional) Color Hierarchical Display, Deferred-time Transport Stream (optional), ES (optional), PES (optional), Buffer (optional), Carousel (optional) -
  Yes Yes No
  DVB Synchronous Parallel, IP, Asynchronous Serial (optional), Universal Parallel/Serial (optional), IEEE1394/ASI (optional), SMPTE310M/ASI/SPI (optional) ISDB-Tb COFDM, DVB Synchronous Parallel, Asynchronous Serial, IP/Ethernet No
  Ethernet Ethenet No
  Transport Stream Multiplexer Software (Optional) Transport Stream Multiplexer Software (Optional) Transport Stream
  3 RU Half Rack 3 RU Half Rack Software

RF & MPEG Signal Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Tektronix MPEG Analysis Instruments are the industry standard for MPEG stream analysis and interoperability testing. A key part of delivering a quality experience is finding the root cause of problems in the transport stream. Tektronix MPEG Analyzer Software allows you to go as deep as you need into the transport, PES and elementary streams to track down sources of picture anomalies or Transport Streams with errored syntax. The ability to capture events for deep analysis is critical to identifying the root cause of problems, and our QoE software analysis tools shorten the time to finding the root cause by identifying impairments and artifacts that can be traced directly to network issues.

  - IP, Transport Stream, Program Stream, TS Cutter, Multiplexer (optional), TS Editor (optional), Make Seamless (optional), Carousel (optional), Tclips (optional)
  Multi-program Transport Streams, Single-program Transport Streams Yes
  TR-101-290, SCTE-142, A/78 Analysis IP Metrics, Timing Analysis (optional), TS/IP Cross-layer Fault Analysis and Logging (optional) TSCA (real-time and deferred), Carousel, IP Video, T-STD Buffer Analyzer (optional), PES (optional), Elementary Stream (optional), QoE (optional), Picture Quality (optional)
  Yes Yes
  10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 Electrical Port, 1000BASE-SX Short Wavelength Optical Port (optional), 1000BASE-LX Long Wavelength Optical Port (optional), 1000BASE-ZX Optical Port (optional) GbE (NIC), Multiport ASI (optional), 8VSB (optional), QAM-B (optional), IPTV 1Gb Ethernet (optional), 10Gb Ethernet (optional), DVB-S/S2 (optional), Optical Ports (optional)
  VQNet (optional) No
  IP over Ethernet, Transport Streams, Baseband QoE (optional) Transport Stream, Program Stream, Elementary Stream and Baseband (optional)
  1 RU Desktop PC

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