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Voltage Tester



Product Catalogue
Designed to meet international safety standards
IEC 61243-3/IEC 61010-1
Measurement Category (CAT.) IV 600V
Self-Diagnostic test
AC and DC voltage tests up to 690V with LED
Polarity indication
Single-pole phase test
Phase rotation test
Double molding gives comfortable grip
Continuity test
Auto-power ON/OFF
Pen light for illuminating measurement points
Variable distance in socket, 16.7mm or 19.0mm
Variable probe Tips, 1.6mm or 4mmφ
Probe cover protects user and probe Tips
IP65 (IEC 60529)

Voltage Test (Double-pole Test)
Connect both probes to the system under test.
The voltage is indicated by LEDs.
Buzzer sounds and Live circuit LED lights up when a threshold voltage of 50V is exceeded.
Voltage polarity is indicated in following manner.
Voltage Test (Double-pole Test)
Single-pole Phase Test
Live circuit LED lights up and buzzer sounds when a voltage of approx. 100V AC or more exists in the object under test. Single-pole Test
Distance Between Probes
Distance between probes is selectable, either 16.7mm or 19.0mm, by changing probes (L1 and L2) position manually. Distance Between Probes
Probe Protection Cover 4mm Tips Replacement
Probe Protection Cover How to fixing 4mm Tips on L1 probe- and L2 probe+. 4mm Tips Replacement
Voltage Test
Voltage Range 12~690V AC/DC
Nominal Voltage 12/24/50/120/230/400/690V
AC (45~400Hz), DC (±)
(Threshold Voltage)
Light on at more than:
7±3V (12V LED)
18±3V (24V LED)
37.5±4V (50V LED)
75%±5% of nominal voltage
(120/230/400/690V LED)
Response Time <0.5s at 100% of each nominal voltage
Peak Current ls<3.5mA (at 690V)
Internal Battery Consumption Approx. 33mA (battery 3V, measuring 690V AC)
Battery Life Approx. 2500 operations (30s ON/240s OFF duty)
Single-Pole Phase Test
Voltage Range 100~690V AC (45~100Hz)
180~690V AC (100~400Hz)
Phase Rotation Test
System Three-phase 4-wire system
200~690V phase-to-phase
(100~400V earth-to-phase)
AC 50/60Hz
Phase Range 120±5 degree
Continuity Test
Detection Range 0~400kΩ+50%
Test Current Approx. 1.5μA (battery 3V, 0Ω)
Internal Battery Consumption Approx. 30mA (battery 3V, 0Ω)
Operating temperature and humidity ranges -10~55ºC, max 85% RH
(no condensation)
Storage temperature and humidity ranges -20~60ºC, max 85% RH
(no condensation)
Applicable Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT.III / IV 600V
IEC 61243-3 CAT.II 690V
Pollution degree 2
IP Rating IP65 (IEC 60529)
Power Source LR03 1.5V×2 (3V)
Dimensions 241.5(L)×68.5(W)×28.5(D) mm
Weight 230g (including batteries)
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